We’ve been sitting in a holding pattern waiting for the USDA to cut a piece of the farm loose for us to build our new home on for almost two month. Two mornings ago, I was in the shower and talking to the Lord about how we had been waiting for quite a while for word and how I was trusting Him to break us loose in HIS time. There are several things about this house that we are renting that are buggin’ (Brendan phrase) right now, and it just seems time to move on, but really it has been a lesson in patience and trust. No kidding, but two hours or so later I get a phone call that the land has cleared and now we will close on the land this coming Monday. UNREAL.
So, now we have an appointment at the title company at one, an appointment to drop off the rest of the docs to the bank to finalize the construction loan at two, and an appointment with the cabinet guy at 4. So off we go…..into the world of new home construction. Wierd to think this house will be a permanent deal.

We are praying and praying and praying for rain, but the Lord has yet to send a rainstorm. Another lesson in trust.

I canned peaches with Sarah today. I brought home 10 qts. Poor girl, I think Sarah got the raw end of the canning deal. She slaved away over the hot stove while I peeled. (and peeled and peeled).

The baby has the hiccups about three times a day now. 2 days shy of 36 weeks pregnant. Come on baby girl!! 🙂

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