“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1

This has been a wild month. We broke ground on the new house four days before Lexie was born, and yesterday they were putting up the back wall. We have waited for this time and I imagined myself becoming nearly obsessed with building our “get old in” *qualifier-we go when and where God leads* home. But there really is no time for obsession. A brief drive by once every couple days is all that this crazy life affords. Mike is even hands off, because he is in the middle of HARVEST. There just is no time to fret. We leave this building in God’s hands. Its safer there anyway.

One more picture of Mike sealing the foundation. We originally thought we’d save money doing this ourselves. I’m not sure we did save much at all, but we saved some time waiting for the contractor who would do it and Mike did a much, much better job that the spray would have. On his weekend to work even. Lord, love him. He’s such a good man.

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