Tomorrow morning at 8:15, Gabi will be having her MRI and BAER hearing test. She will have to be sedated for 3-4 hours. Poor lamb. We’d appreciate your prayers for her safety (not really that worried) but especially for clear and good results. We’ll be taking Miss LB with us for the day.

As for Mike and I, the tests just kept coming today. I had great news about our downed computer (possibly just the monitor.), not good news on the tv—it will eventually die–sooner probably rather than later, and good news on my van (it should be repaired by Friday afternoon.). Mike had trial after trial at work today. Two of his irrigation pivots were down yesterday and he was a little overwhelmed.

The house siding is almost complete (pics to follow.) and they will be setting the propane tank Thursday. The insulation is drying as we speak, and the well was supposed to be in weeks ago. You know how that goes…..

The good news…….all of this is just details. God is our big picture. His purpose for our life is the blueprint I need to follow. The rest is just details.

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