Today was crazy. It started at 6:15 when Lexie issued my wake up call. Up and going-feeding her, talking, planning, and praying with Mike. Off to the kitchen to make coffee and an egg cassarole for MOPS this morning. Good morning, Brendan. Breakfast for B, dressed, hair combed, and ready for school pictures. Get myself dressed and ready-good thing I showered last night cause I couldn’t get it done this morning. Good morning Gabi, dressed, brushed, and ready for MOPS. Back to Lexie-dressed, rediapered, diaper bag filled and ready to go. Coats, shoes, backpack, hair recombed for Brendan. Kids in car. Cassarole out of the oven and back to the car with the diaper bag, stuff for the MOPS craft, my cup of coffee (FINALLY!), Gabi’s coat, a blanket for Lexie, and I’m certain I’m forgetting something…..

Brendan to school.
Lex, Gabi, and I head to MOPS.
Get to MOPS, set up tables, table service, food on tables, greeting, hello’s, nice to meet you’s, feed Lexie. Pack up stuff to leave early.
Pick up Brendan and his little buddy. Drop off said buddy. Check cell voice mail.
Its Mike. He’s already home eating lunch. Feed lunch, everyone changes, potty time. NAP TIME.

And this is all before 11:30am. PHEW!

Aren’t we glad God is in the details, because, honestly, I couldn’t do this alone.

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