Mike and I reached a simultaneous conclusion that LB would be headed to the doctor in the morning. We had missed two nights of sleep because our little dumpling was screaming her head off and waking up every thirty minutes. I suspected an ear infection because she’s been a little drippy from the nose and we’d both felt around and found no sign of teeth popping through.

So, Brendan, Gabriella, Lexie and I hopped in the van and tooled to the metropolis south of us and payed a brief visit to the pediatrician. I asked him to punch our frequent flier ticket since we had just seen him last Thursday. We laughed and he told me that he suspected one of two things.

1. Ear infection
2. Teeth

Well, duh.

He checked her ears with his otiscope and then as he got a tongue depressor I stuck my finger in her mouth and (VOILA)a tiny little sharp ridge pricked my finger. So, I drove 80 miles yesterday to be told that the baby is teething.

Brilliant. I was just channeling my first time mom vibes.

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