Wednesday was turkey moving day at the farm. The baby turkeys get moved to one of the big barns to grow up. You just can’t imagine, as a city girl, how you could possibly move 10,000 turkeys from one barn to another. I had to go see. And honestly, it is a riot. 🙂 They pretty much are just ushered up onto a trailer and driven over.

The turkeys seem a lot like lemmings, honestly. At one point Mike,Beth, and crew turned their backs on the turkeys they had shooed onto the trailer and one brilliant turkey got the idea that it should head back the opposite direction. Immediately, a few hundred whipped their wierd little heads around and started back onto the barn floor.

Mike and Beth shooed them back on and they turned around and walked back on. When they headed out of the barn with the load that Gabi, Lexie and I watched, I had to giggle. These birds were as mindless as Mike always accused. They just kind of go with the flow for the most part.

And so I’m thinking,some thoughts about my leadership style. Do I expect people to follow me mindlessly? Am I encouraging my kids and sphere of influence to make decisions based on the Lords leading? What goes through my puney little mind when I just go with the flow instead of stay where I know God has told me to be?

Big thoughts for a tiny brained city girl.

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