Gabi and I were enjoying a quiet afternoon at home a few days ago, when we heard something barrelling down the driveway. She threw open the front door to find a little more than she bargained for…..more than I had bargained for. It was Mike, ready to move the load of topsoil to my front flower bed-to-be. The conservation trees are temporarily hanging out right in front of the house so I can water them frequently. Instead of making me move them, Mike just dumped dirt around them.

This is Farm Boy, himself, smoothing some topsoil around the corner of the porch. Next to my fabulous rocking chair. Thanks Mama and Dad!

This is the backside of the small retaining wall I’ve built next to the driveway. It is cute, from the other side. I’m still trying to decide what to do about the columns. They are $50 each for the least expensive wraps and I’m just not sure. So, I’m not making a decision yet.

And THIS, is my gorgeous and hugeamongous hydrangea on the deck. Thanks Mom!

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