(That’s a motorcycle like noise some of our clan makes about things fast, cool or wild. Brought to us by Best Buddy Zack)

Another reason why Mike ROCKS, you ask. Because Mike is absolutely, positively always up for a fun time. Beach day, you bet. Wild tube roller, check. Snowball fighter. Prank Player. Goofy laugher. Kid wrestler. Game player.

Have I told you about the time Mike beat me 28 times in a row at Backgammon? True story. I told him if I lost one more I wasn’t going to play again. I won the next game.

More fun times. Always up for an adventure like helicopter rides and go carts.

Did I mention he is competitive? Oh my word. But not in a mean way. He’ll just nag and bug you till you are nearly hysterical and far too distracted to concentrate on the competition at hand.

When my Dad and stepmom were up last year, Mike took my Dad slick kart racing. It was just the two of them on the track. Now I ask you, where should your loyalty lie in a time like that? With the father who raised you? The man you married and sleep beside? The old man driving like a maniac? (sorry dad-you aren’t really old.) Or the young guy threatening to kill your dad? 🙂 Makes my cheeks hurt thinking about it.

That picture is Mike, Bubbs and my Stepmom working on shooting up the fountains. The three of them need no encouragement on how to have Big fun.

Anyway. Mike, you ROCK, babe. Not that you read this, but you do anyhow. You are my best friend and I can hardly believe that I could marry such a godly man who is so much FUN!

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