This weekend has been filled to the brim with emotion and work.

Mike worked this weekend and is still in the throes of cherry season. It means the water used to clean the cherries is dumped into a “pond” and then used to irrigate fields that our farm-farms. Mike has been busy. But then so have most of the people we know. There is no room for complaint in this environment when the people you are working and living alongside are in the same boat.

Add to that a list of responsibilities and summer jobs around the house that need to get done and every minute of every day is filled.

And I’m trying to struggle through exactly what my response right now should be.

My first thought is that I feel extreme gratitude that Mike has a good job, that he loves and that more than meets our needs. That he works in an environment that encourages him to live with integrity and work among friends. What more could a wife ask for?

When there are certain seasons of business, I need to remember the times that we’ve had together and look expectantly forward to when it again slows and we’ll have downtime.

I am taking a hard look at the activities that we have in our life right now that I am filling some of our nights with. They are all GOOD things, but are they the BEST things for this season of our life. I struggle so much combating the isolation of being a stay at home mommy and craving time with and around people. So, it is in my nature to want to dash to community when Mike gets home and I have the opportunity. But I’m not sure that encourages our family time and Mike’s influence and leadership in our home.

I’m praying through this. If there is anything I’m learning, it is that in the end, my response is pivotal. And while I love my new home and Mike’s job and our community, I am struggling with the seasons of life right now.

So, this is the time for contentment. And the time to seek God’s face and blessing. It is the time for me to grow in maturity and understanding. A time for me to be less demanding and find my needs in the Lord.

A pouring out of me, me, me and a filling up of the contentment of Christ.

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