First off, I’d like to brag and tell you that this is just TODAY’s picking of the garden. It is busting literally at the edges. The goodness of the Lord is astounding. The way He makes things grow….oh’ to put into words the lessons learned about God and his goodness, creativity, abundant spirit. It has literally been comical at times as I’ve giggled to myself at yet another zucchini.
I haven’t blogged much about the garden, or posted many pictures due to the absolute absurdity of our Internet connection. But I’ve added some pics and tried to squeeze in labels to give you an idea what’s crammed into this large parcel.

Does it need to be weeded? Absolutely. We just returned from a wedding and a week at the beach. But our friends and family helped water and pick it while we were gone. I can’t begin to tell you how much we’ve been able to “put up” for the winter. Canning at times and freezing the majority. It is a blast. The most fun is sharing. Enough said.
The current problem?
Trying to get Mike to retry veggies he *thinks* he doesn’t like!
How about you guys? What would you like to grow in your garden? Or what DO you grow in your garden?

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