Harvest 2008 has begun and Mike says the weekend was full of soybeans, though truth be told, I had him home Saturday and Sunday. It was wonderful.

Mike says soybeans have to have very little moisture and are more susceptible to climate and weather than corn so the push is always to get the beans off. Well, from my seat in my Pine Needle green office it is a soggy, overcast Monday. Not exactly bean weather, and I’m sure not corn weather either. Don’t tell anyone, but I love days like this. It isn’t cold, it is just a little cool and the trees, because they are wet, appear black. The leaves are so stunning this year that the yellows, golds, oranges and reds pop against that black bark and demand another cup of coffee to admire the view. I love this time of year.

We are looking forward to Friday. We have to leave around 1pm for Gabriella’s appointment at the neuro ped. I pray for God’s leading in the appointment. I just feel so clueless. Mike is going, and I’m so grateful. I feel like when he’s there I can make certain that I don’t overstate or understate. He’s just so balanced. I love him so much.
This weekend is missions conference. I love hearing the burden of our missionaries’ hearts. God is just so magnified.

I pray this week that He will be magnified in me. Blessings….to you, today. Enjoy the fall.
Photo credits to Gabi

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