Taking a cue from Ryan, here are the top 31 reasons I love Mike.

1. Cause he loves Jesus with his whole heart.
2. Cause he is a fantastic father.
3. Cause he is hilarious. Don’t tell him, I said that.
4. Cause he is a hard worker.
5. Cause he makes prayerful decisions.
6. Cause he loves people. I mean lets them in to the center of his heart.
7. Cause he is faithful.
8. Cause he gets better looking every year. 🙂
9. Cause he always tells I’m a good cook.
10. Cause he’s always up for an adventure.
11. Cause he believes in family.
12. Cause he avoids peanut butter for my sake.
13. Cause he cuddles at night.
14. Cause he can’t remember where he is going to save his life.
15. Cause he is a GREAT builder.
16. Cause he is a GREAT farmer.
17. Cause he grew the best garden this summer. Almost singlehandedly.
18. Cause he is ticklish.
19. Cause he’s a romantic.
20. Cause he lets me sleep in on his Saturdays off.
21. Cause he loves my family.
22. Cause he has incredible biblical insight.
23. Cause he is very mechanical.
24. Cause he can fix stuff. And it actally works again.
25. Cause he’s always up for a diaper change.
26. Cause he’s a great secret keeper.
27. Cause he loves country music but listens to Northern Christian Radio.
28. Cause he tries to be interested in what I’m interested in.
29. Cause he is a great travel partner.
30. Cause he tries hard. Always.
31. And the thirty first reason why I think Mike is better than sliced bread is ’cause he’s a good man. At the core of his being, he’s a terrific guy. That I am just SO blessed to know and love.

This is 2 days late for those of you who noticed. Not because I didn’t remember his birthday. I did. I even bought him a present. 🙂 Ask him what it was. 🙂

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