This weekend we were able to be with Michael and Mandy and their youth group serving as teachers at Ignition.
First, it was incredible weekend. God SHOWED UP. Mike led one of our seniors, Jordan, to the Lord, and I think God flipped a switch in Mike. Its not that Mike hasn’t had a heart for the lost, surely, as I breathe he does, but whatever God pressed in Mike is lit up. A new man has emerged with a faith, I hardly know how to respond to, leadership in our home that is new and fresh, and a passion for scripture and a loyalty therewithin. What can I say, I am amazed.

Second, we were able to hang with Michael and Mandy, Michelle, Tim, Holly and Michael….all VERY dear friends. I can’t tell you the depth of some of these relationships that time has yet to injure. Praise Him.

Third, our house this weekend was filled with some of the most incredible Seniors we have EVER encountered. Their leaders have hearts the size of Texas, hearts for the Lord and his purposes and hearts for their students. Incredible. Those students are hungry for more of God. May HE be pleased as they run after him.

But the sucker punch to my soul came from my son.
The band that came together this weekend was AMAZING! They led us boldly before the throne and we worshipped there. I love that. My kids were shell shocked that music could be so loud. Gabi and LexieBeth hated it. But Brendan. Oh’ Brendan.
When we finally made him step down from his perch on a chair in the back row, he seemed so sad to be leaving such an atmosphere of worship. It was right in the middle of a great song too.
Mike and I led him back to the room where he would leave with the darling college students who loved our kids to pieces this weekend. Brendan was busy writing on the white board in the room while we finished wrapping up the last minute stuff…and this ….
was what we found on the white board….a lyric from the song we were just singing. Mike and I both had tears in our eyes and loved on him and praised his heart and sent him off for the rest of the weekend.
Sunday night, we were tucking the kids in bed and Gabriella and I were talking about Christmas coming and about things we could give to baby Jesus for HIS birthday next month. She thought some clothes and toys. Sweet. Precious Heart.
When I went into Bubbs’ room, Mike and Brendan were finishing up reading his Bible. I told Brendan about Gabi’s idea to give a present to baby Jesus and I asked him what he thought we could do for Jesus.
He thought about it and gave me seven great ideas…..buy toys for a kid who doesn’t have any, give our pennies, etc….and then the eighth idea…..oh that our hearts would agree.
“We could LIVE for HIM, Mama.”
Oh’ that we would. That our hearts will be so aligned. Praise you, Jesus.

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