She didn’t need a positive pregnancy test to tell her what she already knew.

She was pregnant.

And it wasn’t going to go well with her parents, her friends, or even her fiancé.

Motherhood has a way of interrupting plans.

She had been planning a wedding full of joy with a husband she esteemed, a party with her friends and anticipating raising a family, and all of that seemed off kilter now.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a blessed woman indeed, but don’t think for a second, that the gift inside her—the gift for all of us—wasn’t costly.  Mary had planned a normal, safe life, and certainly didn’t expect to have those plans interrupted.

Can we all agree that motherhood has CHANGE OF PLANS built right into it?

It begins with birth plans. Do you remember that thing you said would govern how you would respond in childbirth? Yea, mine flew out the window after 18 hours of labor.

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