Lee has been engaging people through the Word for close to two decades. It has been her honor to speak at Youth and Women’s events, conferences, workshops, and church events. People often describe her as passionate, engaging and sincere, but it is her firm belief that God’s word still transforms lives that is most contagious.




With 20 years ministry experience, the possibilities are endless but here are some of Lee’s favorite messages to bring:

Revival Fire: Asking God for a Faith that Burns

The message that began it all.

Dynamic faith is something we crave for ourselves and our families, but seldom do we know how to achieve it.  If apathy, dryness, or even a great hunger describes your soul, this message will explore setbacks and setups for a great working of the Spirit.  Revival Fire takes a look at what revival looks like biblically and historically and explores those commonalities. Join Lee as she seeks to discover what it means to be a Christ follower who sets the world on fire!


Raising Heroes: Brave Moms, Brave Kids

A call is resounding in the heart of Christ following mothers.  We must be BRAVE in a world becoming increasingly evil because mediocre faith will not stand in us or our kids.  Join Lee for a rich study as she explores the power of fear and the courage to step forward in faith in our parenting.  Raising Heroes will help mothers:

  • Identify the qualities present in true greatness
  • Reject “Mommy Fears” and replace them with immovable truth
  • Learn strategies to pray for and train their children more effectively
  • Challenge their children to be dynamic Christ followers in an increasingly secular society.

Fear is contagious but so is the faith of a godly mother.


Look Up: Becoming the Powerhouse God Made You to Be

Insecurity is running our lives.  It is tucked into the unseen corners, but can affect the way we live, our marriages, friendships, parenting, and even our faith journey.  It is high time we learn to expose the myths we are believing about ourselves and replace them with the bedrock truth of God’s word.  Join Lee as she explores taking back our identities so we can walk in freedom and confidence, let’s not let one more day be stolen.



2-4 Part Messages



Come Alive



Prayer Specific

The Incomparable Influence of a Praying Mother

There is no place that prayer cannot invade, no darkness that cannot be lit, no prodigal that cannot be reached and held onto in prayer.  You are never just a mom, you are an intercessor with an invitation to approach the Almighty God night and day.  Join Lee as she explores the threat of prayerlessness and the strategy to overcome it.  Encouraging, hopeful, and practical this workshop will help you to pray boldly and with vision for the next generation.


Igniting a Passion to Pray

Is prayer an area of joy or defeat in your life? There are many reasons we are kept from praying effectively, but what if you could move beyond those reasons and into a new season of meaningful worship and intercession? Learn powerful steps that will revolutionize your prayer life.You’ll receive the encouragement and tools you need to move to a place of confidence in prayer, and to cultivate a more intimate, loving relationship with the God who invites us to come to Him.


Leadership Specific

Raising Heroes: Cultivating Your Family While Leading Others

God has given us powerful ministries to shepherd, people to lead, programs to develop, events to execute and a growing family.  We know that our families need us and that discipling them is our job, but other things clamor for our attention.  Join Lee as she explores practical ways we can lead strongly both at work and at home raising godly heroes of the faith in both environments.


Prayers That Transform Ministries

After studying revivals and prayer for 5 years, Lee knows that there are trends historically, biblically, and practically that are relevant to this time on the Kingdom calendar.  We all want God’s blessing, wisdom and covering in our ministries but how can we see that developed when we are stretched thin?  Prayerful leaders are powerful leaders, learn how vigilant prayer can become a reality in your environment.


Marriage Specific

Decoding:  Lead Me

It’s a tough job the Lord has given men- the leading of families.  Maybe you’ve had your wife say, “I just wish you’d lead me,” or maybe she acts like she would just rather not be led at all.  Join Mike and Lee as they explore the ups and downs of decoding this vital aspect of marriage.  Prepare for laughs, biblical truth, practical steps and a couple how-not-to examples.


Youth Specific

Strap In: Slow and Steady Climb

Living a life following Christ isn’t easy!  In fact, most of us will experience mountains and valleys, meadows and wilderness, victories and defeats as we journey with the Lord.  You weren’t expecting the climb to be easy were you?  Come join Lee and explore how to tackle the elements without becoming undone by the emotion that goes with them. The climb with Christ is SO worth it.


Girls Leading Well

Are there differences between the ways that guys and girls lead?  Should there be? God has designed you, in your femininity, to serve and build up others.  Join Lee as she explores how important it is that girls show up with their God-given gifts in the leadership world.


(photo credit to Raising Generations Today)

(photo credit to Raising Generations Today)

Book Lee for your next event!

Thank you for your interest in having Lee speak at your event. It is a great honor to spend time in God’s word with others and she does not take that privilege for granted.

To inquire about Lee’s schedule, fees, and availability to speak, email Jeanna (Lee’s assistant) at info@leenienhuis.com or contact us here. Please allow 24 hours to respond.

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