Change can happen in our culture. It can happen in our home and in our children.

But it starts with us.

Today’s culture is defined by amorality, dishonesty, and discontentment. As a Christian parent, you want your children to reject these norms in favor of values like integrity, wisdom, and forgiveness. But how can you train them to do this when you’re still falling short yourself?

Author, speaker, and Moms in Prayer podcast host Lee Nienhuis offers guidance to every parent seeking to raise Jesus-following kids. In Counter-Cultural Parenting, she provides tools that will help you…

  • model godly characteristics and biblical values in your own life and home
  • energize your family to recognize the world’s lies and devote yourselves to truth
  • entrust your children’s future to God through consistent, powerful prayer.


While it’s easy to look at the world and feel overwhelmed, you don’t need to lose hope. Embrace the calling God has set before you and know that He will empower you to nurture your children’s faith.





Lee Nienhuis is an author and passionate Bible teacher. She is the communications specialist for Moms in Prayer International and the host of the  Moms in Prayer Podcast. A sought-after speaker, she shares a dynamic vision for the next generation of Christ followers. Lee and her farmer-husband, Mike, have four kids and live in West Michigan.



vice president of Audio and cohost of the Focus on the Family radio program

“In Countercultural Parenting, Lee Nienhuis offers a paradigm shift desperately needed in today’s culture. She reminds us that the journey to raising children with character begins with us! Lee writes that we have to personally and actively cultivate a deep life of virtue and moral fiber, relying on God’s power to produce the fruit of the Spirit in our lives as we live out our faith and train up our kids. This refreshing book is filled with transparent stories and biblical advice to help you trust God with your children’s future.”


founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., cofounder of Ignite the Family, and author of Start with the Heart

“Do you need to believe you can parent well in hard times? Really believe? This is the book for you. You’ll find the encouragement and inspiration you need because of Lee’s use of Scripture, stories, and specific ideas. She teaches us how to join the oppositional forces that trigger cultural changes and how to make sure our kids are in this group. Lee both inspired me and equipped me. We can battle and win!”


evangelist, author, and founder of Think Eternity

“As a parent, you have one of life’s most precious and holy responsibilities: to shape the character and heart of your children. I’m thankful my friend Lee has poured her heart and soul into these pages for you to have all you need to build on the foundation of faith in your family. Don’t get so caught up in the busyness of daily life that you forget to think about the legacy you are instilling every day in your kids. If we want to change the world, we need to start in our homes.”


president, Moms in Prayer International

“For such a time as this’ God has placed your child in this world and into your home to fulfill the incredible calling He has for him or her. God knew this period of time would be filled with all sorts of temptations and distractions. Lee’s book is masterful in helping parents see and understand that they can rise up children with godly character, morals, values, and strength no matter the child, situation, cultural, or parent. This deep, rich resource along with the Bible will help you and your child become remarkable men or women of God!”


author of Made Like Martha, cohost of The Martha & Mary Show, and mother of five

“In our current culture, it’s tempting to become lax and disheartened when it comes to matters of character. Thankfully, Lee Nienhuis has diligently and boldly laid out a guidebook to reorient parents with their God-given responsibility to raise children who live under His authority and do some earthly good. I stand with Lee in believing that revival is possible in this generation and the next, beginning with a subgroup who is willing to go against the status quo and train their kids in the countercultural ways of Christ.”


author of Real Moms…Real Jesus


“Don’t think you can make a difference in this world? Think again. Your best contribution is to parent with countercultural intentionality. The words in this book will show you how.”


author of Comparison Girl

“Are you stunned by the corruption, foolishness, and egomania displayed by our leaders and celebrated in our culture? Are you devastated by the reverberating character deficits you see in your own kids–and even in yourself? With wisdom, wit, and mom-in-the-trenches perspective, Lee leads us to our only character-renovating hope: God and the truth of his word. Come leave your apathy and hand-wringing behind and follow Lee on a charge to change the world–one mom and kid at a time.”



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