Brendan put on his work boots last night and headed into the barns with Dad. They did night checks with the pigs and pivots and then headed over to the turkey barn to help receive the new turkey flock. I’ve only watched them unload turkeys a couple times and it really is fun. The baby birds are cute for about a week before they look really turkey-ish.
When they first arrive the guys unload the turkeys into these big cardboard rings. The red plastic things in the picture with Gabi are the turkey drinkers and the long skinny metal thing holds their feed. In the next picture you can see the heaters that keep the baby birds nice and warm. Gabi thought the birds were hilarious. I had to be careful and watch her close cause she’ll squeeze them to death.
I love this picture of Mike. He’s such a strong man. Those plastic crates are quite heavy as they are filled with MANY baby turkeys. The guys would stack the crates on the wheel barrel and then Mike would blaze the 80-90 yards to the other side of the barn to fill those cardboard rings.
So, that’s the latest and greatest. It was fun to watch for a while and then Gabi and I came home to bond around the shack.

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