The Mama Bear thing. Yeah, that’s real, isn’t it?

When my oldest was born, we did things by the book. In fact, I had my first sip of caffeine in 9 months about thirty minutes after delivery, chased by a slice of deluxe pizza. When our pediatrician said to wait to introduce a food group, I was compliant. If that pacifier hit the ground for an instant, I sterilized it, and I made sure to always have a couple of back up outfits in the bag, just in case.

Fast forward to my fourth kid, who was born addicted to coffee, chips and salsa, and who was enjoying ice cream at a tender 6 months. It’s not that I didn’t care, believe me I do, it’s just that the things that used to be major just don’t seem to work me up the same way they did at first.

Maybe you see that in your mothering, too. Perhaps what once would have taken you directly to the principal’s office, to Web MD, or to your Mama has changed and with time and experience you’ve mellowed. Or maybe not at all. Maybe you are the mom who panics and you know it. Every threat elicits a fear response, and you are running swinging at invisible demons afraid at every turn.

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