This is a picture of God’s provision for us. Literally. We have prayed and trusted that God would bring a harvest despite lack of rain. God chose to hold back the storm clouds this summer that would have brought relief to a very dry crop. While some blame it on climate change and seek answers through environmental causes we know HE sovereignly withheld. God taught me a huge lesson about trust using a very real word picture this summer. He alone provides for us. We may strive and fret, but God alone holds the future and he gives and takes away in His sovereignty. I was driving with the kids along one of the corn fields and Brendan said from the backseat, “Dear God, please send the rain. The corn looks very dry.” It made me gasp that our four year old saw our need for God’s provision and went straight to his maker with the need.
It hasn’t been a great yield this year, but there have been worse years I’m told. And as I watched the combine making the rounds, I am sure I have not missed the beauty of it all. That God is mindful of us. That HE knows what we need. And that HE was filling that grain cart.

Mike and Brendan pulling the grain cart and a field yet to be combined.

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