So tonight’s meal was awful. I mean seriously, awful. It is the first time in the history of our marriage (8 years) that I had made sandwiches because it wasn’t palatable. And I cried at the dinner table,in front of the kids, because of it. Until Mike said, “Would you like to talk about this now, or later?” And then he took a big bite of the *stuff* and a gulp of milk to chase it down. Can’t help but laugh at his desire to lesson the blow of having a cooking flop.

I’m feeling a little bit like this in a lot of areas right now. It is almost like I have to hit a wall, for the Lord to get my attention and refocus me in a new direction. I can’t give up cooking, as surely as I can’t give up trying again in my spiritual life and my quest for holiness. May the Lord bless both of these endevors as I try again tomorrow.

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