I love January 1st. I am a SUCKER for resolution making and to be really honest, I’m actually pretty good at keeping them. I try to make them lofty, yet attainable. And this year as we paint circles around the new farmhouse, I have been chewing on the goals that the Lord would have me (and us) direct our attention to this new year. I want to still spend more time thinking about this, but I have realized that this will be the year of the children and the house. That means not the year of Lee. So, here are a few *sharable* New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Daily time in scripture. Even if it is two minutes as I slide in the sheets-just to check the box. I’ve found that God has honored checking boxes in my life, and has seen fit to grow me and cultivate in me a hunger for more than two minutes. Praise Him!!

2. Spend time exercising and loosing the rest of the baby weight. It is never going to get easier to take the last of the weight off and get stuff toned.

3. Stop Running People Down. This is more than a resolution. This is a mandate from the Lord and this will be the year that I stop back biting, gossiping, slandering, and otherwise. I’m done with this sinfulness–Jesus has accomplished everything supernatural to give me victory over sin and I will fix my mind on him and obey.

4. Spend time with each child INDIVIDUALLY sheparding them to the Lord. I have three VERY different children. They have quirks,strengths and weaknesses that all vary, and the way I communicate the love of Jesus to them matters. Brendan hears about God in a very different way then Gabi does….I’m sure Lexie Beth will hear and respond uniquely as well. This will look different and will require brainstorming. Let me know if you parents have ideas!

5. To scrapbook 52 layouts. I have had this goal for three years now. The first year I accomplished it and then some. Last year I came close. This year I want to make scrapbooking a freetime priority. It is an act of love and ultimately a time of worship for me. As I spend vast amounts of time thinking about the needs of those in my pictures and presenting those requests to my Lord.

So that’s it. Five to start. I can’t wait. Bring on 2008!

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