We are headed to GR this morning for Gabi’s swallow study at the rehab hospital. As always, we pray this goes well and are looking forward to more info on Gabriella and her situation. She is such an imp—and can be quite coy with new people. Hopefully, she eats like a champ in front of them and doesn’t clam right up and refuse the barium filled lunch.

Brendan will be hanging out with Beth today. She just called to tell Bubbs to bring snowpants, cause Zack is going to take him bombing on the snowmobile. FUN! Yesterday he woke up and asked me if he could call Mike. I said, “Not now Bud-Daddy is in a barn and won’t be able to hear his phone.” He said, “But MOM—He’s in MY CIRCLE!”

I almost spit my coffee out, I laughed so hard.

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