Obviously, God created children to survive.

Recently we’ve had some pretty serious blows to our physical bodies. Gabriella took a blow to her left eye at church on Sunday. It left her a little clingy, but not really in much physical pain, praise the Lord. On Tuesday morning, I caught the heel of my super cute boots on the top stair and fell two with Lexie in tow. I almost lost Lexie down the stairs, caught her like a football, and sat down on the steps and cried.

Right there in front of the kids, I sat bawling and giving paise to the Lord for his mercy. For His watch care. Another disaster thwarted. That totals us at FIVE falls down the stairs collectively this month with only minor injuries.

It occurs to me that it is my desire to put crash helmets on all of us. And I think as a mother it is only natural to want to protect those little ones in our nest. But here’s the long and short of it. There are no crash helmets that protect us completely. I have to trust that my God has my family in His watch care. That the blows to us come through His hand. Not from His hand, but that He sifts the events of our lives through His everlasting and sovereign hands, allowing only that which will bring glory to Him and which will work best for His plan for us.

I trust THAT hand. While we may run into wall after wall at times, and need to take a moment to compose, I can, through the faith that God gives, say, “Ouch! BUT I trust you.”

And let’s just be honest. That sure is easier then finding crash helmets to fit all of us. Besides, my purple helmet hardly matches my cute black boots. 😉

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