Mission Accomplished. And a job WELL DONE!
Brendan sucessfully completed his first and second year Cubbies book. Cubbies was quite an undertaking last year for Brendan. He was barely three and couldn’t sit still to save his life. It was labor intensive to get him to memorize and we limped along till Christmas. After last Christmas, it was as if Brendan suddenly acclimated and he hit a new stride. He sailed through the year and this fall finished his first book and started into his second. We were memorizing two and sometimes three and four verses each week. It all came together last Wednesday night at Brendan’s closing program when he stood in his little vest (with all the badges ironed on) and got a little blue ribbon and a cubbie bear. Next fall, Lord willing, he will start in Sparks. We were button poping proud.

There was something a little reminiscent of the spiritual life in the ceremony for me. We’d work so long and so hard to memorize all the verses and then a small little ribbon, a “good job, buddy”, and moving right on to the next big project. That is just how it has been in my spiritual life, lately. It’s as if I struggle to accomplish one personal goal, only be shown the next one simultaneously. I’m so very far from arriving at the victorious life that Christ desires for me. Can I just confess that sometimes this leaves me a little overwhelmed and disheartened lately?

Praise the Lord that Jesus is at the end of this journey. And that really all I have is an audience of one (kinda three.lol.)for each little accomplishment and failure. While Christ is the one that holds and sets each standard for me, He is the one that provides everything in me to make changes in my life be them big or small. When I get to heaven it will be more than a little blue ribbon (though that was fabulous), it will hopefully be a crown to cast at my Savior’s feet. What an incredible thought!

In the meantime, good job, Bubbsey. A really good job. 🙂

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