Last night was awful. I was asked if I had read an article about Guatemala resending adoptions due to corruption. I MEAN they are trying to take some children back to Guatemala!!!

I about threw up. My stomach turned and I am telling you the most awful thoughts about losing my precious daughter humbled me and sent me running to my Lord. And I wish I could say that I handled the experience with grace and steadfast fearlessness, but I didn’t. I worried and wondered and worried some more.

But something amazing happened. I have a renewed belief that whatever the road, whatever the course, I will remain steadfast in my love and trust in the Lord. I chose that, again, last night.

I also resolved that I need to do a better job trying to win Gabi to the Lord. I often fail to discuss the daily moments in terms of life in light of God’s word. (She is only two). However, I vow to never back down and never quit fighting for the child born of my heart.

And as a Post Script…..I think I worried for nothing, my agency issued a poignant email in light of the article that helps put worry at bay, but my trust in the Lord.

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