Rock my world, Lord Jesus.
I don’t know how many times I’ve prayed for something amazing to be done in my life, through my life. I’ve longed, nay, hungered for something real. REAL change in me. And I’ve been a part of yet another bible study that is changing me and challenging me to no end.

However, I am utterly speechless at the myriad of uncomfortable situations and conversations I’ve been in recently. I feel neither qualified nor able to counsel and confront, yet I’ve been in these situations nearly everyday. I am spinning at the enormity of what is going on around me and the desperation we have here for Jesus. Jesus, in all his healing, wisdom, power, ability to unify, in all of his love.

I need Jesus, just plain and simple. More of him to show up in me so I won’t be left a bumbling fool, regretting things I’ve said, or should have said. I want to be filled up, pressed down, pouring over in love with Jesus. More of him. So, instead of my longing to be a rockstar, I can make him famous and there would be less of me. I need that. And I’m praying righ now, again, for it.

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