Last night we had a hard frost. We knew it was coming and we were able to put sheets over our newly planted garden and I brought the ferns, geranium (!), and misc plants inside. The problem is that there are not enough bed sheets in the state to cover the fields and trees. The damage has yet to be determined. The asparagus farmers in the family had a hard day today, but the problem will be with the young apple and cherry crops.

We prayed last night that God would hold back the frost, but we brought in plants. I wondered aloud with Mike at where faith meets action. Is bringing in the plants a lack of faith that God would hold back the frost?

I decided not. Because we pray asking God to accomplish his purposes through our lives. Come what may. Instinct says, “Knock on something, quick!” But faith says, “No need to knock, Beloved. This, too, I have under control.”

But what about when it involves our very breath, or worse yet the breath of a loved one. Do I say, “Be glorified in me, Lord” conditionally? Sometimes.

Today, I learned that some of the dearest souls I have ever known lost a sister in a tragic accident. Tragic. Accident. Too soon. I’m so sorry and I love you both more than words.

And now, in the background noise of my house, Matt Redman is singing with the Veggie Tales, “Blessed Be Your Name.” And I want to choke on the line that says, “You give and take away, you give and take away, my heart will choose to say ‘Lord, Blessed be your name’.” I just added it to my playlist on the side if you want to hear it.

I want to be in the place where my heart will choose despite circumstance and my faith will waiver not.

Lord, build my faith, help my lack of understanding. Be with my friends.

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