Isn’t this a great picture?

It was a quick snap in front of a fountain at the Pinnacle Promenade, a GREAT outdoor mall in Arkansas. We didn’t do a whole lot of shopping, but we managed to sneak in a quick lunch at PF Changs. Changs is my absolute, favorite restaurant and my parents and Mike always indulge me when we visit.

I often find myself a little stir crazy during the day. I often can’t put my finger on why I feel so much anxiety well up within me, like pent up energy about to arc. The surefire cure to that feeling is Starbucks. Not the cup of coffee, but just the moment of leftdown when I am around other people. I don’t even have to talk to them, as a matter of fact, I usually only chat with the Barista. On those days when the day has been long, and I’m feeling a little frayed, I often find myself PRAYING and headed to civilization. Mike giggles when I say civilization because we DO live next to a town of 3,000 or so people. Its just there is something about a city that seems natural. Here it is again, the old city girl in the country routine.

All this yap to introduce a cute picture.

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