I’ve found a new blog that I’m enjoying very much. http://honestandlasting.blogspot.com/ The owner of the blog is a fellow Colorado Springs girl drug to a foreign land. Sounds like my story EXACTLY. 🙂 Katy Lin has started a weekly husband praising series called “My Husband Rocks” on Fridays and this will be my first entry.

WEEK ONE- Why my husband ROCKS!

Mike ROCKS for so many reasons that it isn’t easy to launch the first one. BUT I’d say that the first reason that he rocks is because he jumps in and plays with the kids. I mean roughs them up, tosses them around, he even gets plain ole dirty with them. He is currently the third base coach for Brendan’s t-ball team and ALL the kids love him. He plays restaurant with Gabi, he teaches Lexie fun tricks, and he’s forever wrestling the three of them at the same time. He’s the kind of Dad who makes you want to be a better mom. What more could a wife ask for than a man who loves his kids?

I’m saving other reasons Mike rocks for weeks to come. He just rocks for SO many reasons.

HOW ’bout YOU? Why does your husband ROCK?

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