Where to begin on the meaning of this day?

Gabriella is three years old today. Three years ago a precious, beautiful woman clinched the past and the future in our daughters world. She made the brave decision to not only birth our beautiful daughter, but hand her, in love, to the foster mother that would give the first few days of love to her. It would be three days from today that we would first lay eyes on Gabriella. We thought we would be bringing home a boy. You can’t imagine the suprise when we read the doctor’s report……SHE IS…..SHE IS…..She?? What? We have a girl!! ITS A GIRL! And a beautiful darling she was.

Twelve days from today is the day Mike and I stood in a hotel in Guatemala City and waited for what seemed like two lifetimes for Gabriella to be brought to us. And it was another moment written into the pages of eternity by our loving Heavenly Father. How good he is to us! He knew that there was a place in our hearts where only Gabi would fit. He just knew.

And oh, when we finally got to bring her home.

And now….three years later. We have Gabi.

Gabi loves pink. and purple. Horses. Animals. Dirt. Dandelions. Watermelon. Cotton Candy lipsmackers. Sippy Cups of milk first thing in the morning. Her Bubbs. CheeChoo. Pretty Tetty. And HER people.

She is a gift. A treasure from the Lord.

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