Brendan’s birthday started with a “Guess what, MOM! Its my BIRTHDAY!!” Happy Birthday, Bubbs! We headed downstairs together after a good morning snuggle and found Mike was already long gone for the day. BUT, about 15 minutes later, Mike’s truck came bombing down the driveway. And he walked in with a bag full of sprinkle doughnuts for the birthday boy! Super Dad, strikes again.

That afternoon we had Brendan’s party with the usual guests. Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, Great Grands, and cousins! This is Mike praying over Brendan at the party. I love LOVE love this tradition we have. Thank you, Father, for our son.
(See our new living room curtains? I’m not 100% sold on them but they are 100% better than the bare walls.)

Brendan wanted a race car cake. His driver is Dale Earnhart Junior. A race car cake you shall have. (Chocolate cake, white icing-only the best for my boy. **wink wink** That happens to be my favorite cake.) And the big ole bowl of sweet cherries? Courtesy of Gram Riley.

Cousin’s Max and Abigail joined B&G on the porch for their cake. See the green grass growing all around? Beautiful night.
And finally time for presents. We got Brendan a fishing pole. A great choice my boy! Daddy helping Brendan figure out the pole.

Brendan’s best……
number-88 (DEJ’s number)
career-farmer builder firefighter soldier
music-psalty the singing song book
food- chex mix
place-great wolf lodge
parent-Dad hands down
day-Saturday-when Daddy’s home
thing to do-ride his John Deere Gator.
friend- Best Buddy Zack.

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