For heaven’s sake, they look adorable in this picture. They are growing so fast and becoming so articulate that it makes my mind spin. Brendan will be five tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. I’ll have to tribute him later.
But today, I’ve got their sparring moments on the brain. These two best friends (and siblings) are Hot and Cold. They are Oil and Water. Cats and Dogs. Lion and Lamb. (Wait those two are destined to lie down together. That might be the most appropriate analogy yet.)
They are scrappy lately. Each of them wanting to be close to the other. Watching the other. Talking to the other. Until they are both so blessed loud that you have to shout to get their attention.
I think I remember being like that with my sister. And now we are bestfriends. B.F.F. And even though we are “all growed up” we occasionally can still spar with the best of them. And then call back for I’m sorry’s. I’m famous for having to make those calls. Something about the presence of many words and much folly.
I think I’m going to go find that proverb. Anyway. Hope you are enjoying today.
I was SICK last week, and I mean sick, then my dad and stepmom visited…..sorry for the slowness around here….

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