Mike ROCKS! for so many reasons, but today he rocks because he’s got just enough wild to make him completely attractive. Mike is a guys guy. While he IS sensitive, compassionate, a total lover, hold hands and snuggle kind of guy, he’s got just enough reckless abandon to drive a girl plum wild.
He’s sporty enough to keep up with the guys on the basketball court, but he’s not Michael Jordan. Actually. He’s had his nose broken playing basketball and football over the course of our marriage. Good times. The guys want him on their team no matter the sport, but good heavens,
look out if you are playing volleyball. The guy HAS game.

He’s a bit of a scrappy competitor in a totally irresistible, but not for a moment cocky-kind of way. He’s humble enough to say he’s athletic, but not particularly skilled in any one area (except volleyball).

He’s a snowmobile lover, the best tube-roller I know, and a pretty decent downhill skier.

Now. I know there are other more moving ways that Mike ROCKS, but have mercy when he turns his hat backwards and acts just a little wild. That man is totally taken.

(Notice the #8 car….Brendan thinks his DAD ROCKS too!)

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