That gorgeous boy and fabulous Mama are my darling nephew “Little Chase” and my stepsister, Lisa. Now, I hesitate to even say stepsister because that fabulous, God fearing woman is so intertwined with my soul that I hate admitting that we’ve only been related for, let’s see, I think it has been 18 years. There was a starting point in our relationship, but by God’s grace it will have no end.

Anyhow. I interrupt my random stream of consciousness to tell you that today is Lisa’s last day of work. She is a sucessful CPA and works as a supervisor for a very large firm in Colorado. She has a great job and a great salary to go with it, of this, I am certain. But today, in faith she is heeding a call she heard four years ago, to leave her job and stay home with their two kids.

I can’t imagine the pressure on my brother-in-law, Mike, and Lisa as they step by faith into this new season, but I know that my God will hold them.

This, my friends, is what faith looks like. You hear the call and your drop what you have in your hands and run after him. (I feel the need to make qualifying statements, but I can’t.) That is just how it is. God says move and baby, you go. It only looks unsafe and wreckless to the untrained eye. As my Mike once told me, “The safest place for me to be is right where God is calling me.”

You are safe, Lisa. Right smack dab in the center of God’s, perfect will. You have had this confirmed over and over. Fix your eyes on Jesus, sis. You will walk on water.

Not to mention my gorgeous niece and nephew, who will one day call you, “Blessed.”

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