Three weeks ago, my dear friend Jenny (hey girl!!), called on a Thursday night and said, “Lee, wanna do something crazy?” Like what? “Like go on a road trip to IKEA, in Chicago.” Sure, Jen. When? Tomorrow? What?

Well, we had to wait a week and while we were scheming and planning we conned two more friends to come along! These girlies are three of my favorite people on the planet. So, from left to right, Jenny, me (duh.), Stacy, and Crystal.

We headed out for Chicago and picked up Crystal and Stacy along the way. We just rolled on down the road, stopping occasionally for a bathroom. Now, the person who had to potty shall remain nameless because talking about going to the bathroom can be a sensitive subject to a mom of three kids. Woops. Never mind. When we arrived in Schaumberg, the girls indulged my deep need for PF Changs‘ lettuce wraps and it was almost constant laughter. Just what the doctor ordered for me, I think.

We ate quickly and headed to IKEA to shop till we drop.


We bought Chicago.

A desk, a set of bookshelves, a queen head and foot board, a bedside table, two dressers, a bench and two cart loads of miscellaneous.

And the great part was trying to figure out how we would possibly put it all in my minivan. But we did. And Emeril (my van) has NEVER been stuffed like this.
The girls had to sit with their heads hovering off the headrests, because the floor in the back was packed full of boxes. Ikea kicked us out at 10pm and we did what everyone should do after experiencing such shopping exhilaration. We went to Starbucks!!! Can I get a “Glory!”?

We headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed great conversation and laughed until 2:15 in the morning. I can’t remember the last time I did that. It was a blast.
The next morning we hit Panera for breakfast and headed back to Ikea for a few things we couldn’t live without. Actually, this is when we picked up the bench and lamps.

This is the morning picture. Don’t the girls look fresh after blessed little sleep?

This cart was the next morning. Day two of Ikea.

We finished up at Ikea, hit the outlets in Indiana on the way home (and Dairy Queen), and laughed and talked all the way home. It was fabulous. Refreshing. And a total blessing.
Jenny, we may never be allowed to leave the house together again, but it was TOTALLY worth it.
Stacy, you are the most fabulous tour guide and shopping buddy
And Crystal, I was proud of the way you cut loose and bought Chicago.
I think I’m going to go repent now…

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