Be still, Mama’s heart. My boy is too big.
Brendan bounded out of bed this morning and into my room at 7:00am. He headed downstairs and enjoyed some blueberry pancakes with his Dad and was still eating those pancakes at 6:45. The child could not eat his breakfast he was so excited.

It was such a mixed bag of emotions. Mostly heartsick. Mostly pride. Lots of prayers.

He hardly looked back and was too busy to wave goodbye. He sat in front of the girl he thinks hung the moon and across the aisle and down a ways from good buddy, Rece. That’s Rece down below.

Gabi, Lexie and I made a morning of it. Enjoying our coffee and working on MOPS projects, our time was up before it began. Bubbs only had a half day today, full days start Friday.
I asked him how the day went, and he said, “Great MOM! We did the hokey pokey!”
Awww….he’s still a little boy.

PS-Isn’t my blog fabulous??? Thanks, Fairy Blogmother. You are wonderful!!

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