Hey there friends!
So, what’s up with us that we aren’t blogging, anyway?

Well, Brendan started school and is doing really well. He’s so excited every school morning that he dances around acting loopy and refusing to sit still for breakfast. You’d think this school buzz would wear off, but he danced around like a goon the entire year last year. It makes me happy to be a Mom, actually.

We’ve all been struck by a cold. Gabi’s cold and mine have included sores in our mouths that make the inside feel raw and often bleed. I’ve only had this kind of thing two other times in my life and one was right before our wedding. (stress induced-I’m not really stressed-so I think it might just be a virus-albeit an uncomfortable one).

Lexie Beth has decided walking is a preferable means of transportation and has been walking pretty much all the time. She is in desperate need of bubble wrap for her head and body. Good thing God created their little bodies to survive the toddler years. Scares Mama to death.

Gabriella starts SPT this morning. Hopefully the therapist will be here in a half hour. I think it is time to start working again. Gabi is hilarious right now. She has pretty much given up on nap time and instead strips to her skivs and plays wildly in her room. Last week I went in to wake her up and found her sleeping soundly from the night in a blue tutu. I am positive I put her to bed in pink jammies. But you know….Midnight costume change. You never know who you are going to meet in YOUR BED.

Mike was off this weekend and it was WONDERFUL. He assembled my desk and bookshelves from IKEA and I love them. I can put all my office stuff away and still have a set of good sized bookshelves for my study stuff. I love it. And Mike was SO relaxed about the whole project. Projects have never really been a marital strong point until the last year. They are more like a test of your solidarity, actually. Glad we’ve been winning the battle against project rage this year. We’ve had our fair share of projects, for sure.

Okay, pictures of the events of the week to follow. Blessings today.

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