It is easy to be a big faith talker.
I believe God’s presence is near and I can see him answering prayers in other people’s lives.
I believe God can and will accomplish great things through the struggles and trials of my friends and acquaintances.
I’ve heard myself say to Mike recently, “God will provide for them. He is enough and his resources are limitless.” AND I BELIEVE EVERY WORD OF THAT.
I believe God is enough for you.
I believe that any sacrifice made for HIM will be credited.
I believe he turns sorrow into dancing and our darkness into joy.
I’ve watched that one play out in my own life.
I believe God is a friend to the friendless and is leaving a hollow spot in all of us for the sole purpose of drawing us to him.
I believe he STILL performs miracles and that he is moving among us.

But quite often I believe that for YOUR life.

In my day in and day out, I often live defeated. Deflated by the sorrow, need, and odds that seemed stacked in someone else’s favor. I act hopeless. I weep without any thought to the possible grand rescue plan already in the works for things I’ve written off as hopeless. I churn ideas all day for redeeming MYSELF.

It is time for my faith to put on its boots and hit the road.
Believe, Oh’ my soul.
Believe GODS PROMISES for me.

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