Have you ever noticed that there are certain events in your life that just propel you in a totally different direction?
When I was growing up, we had a friend who had a trampoline. I was never very excited about trampolines. Something about flying through the air, and perhaps hitting a double bounce (you know when you land only to be bounced at that exact moment, sent careening even higher into the air??).
Firstborns,being out of control, and all that.
Now, trampolines hold even less appeal. Something about peeing your pants in midair that brings endless shame as an adult….whatever.
I’m just talking about the double bounce, anyway.
There are times in life when you are jumping along at a totally safe safe pace, enjoying the minimal thrill of your toes remaining on the tramp and every once in a while leaving momentarily.
And then comes the other person. The circumstance. The disease. The job loss. The incident. The affair. The election. The great big whatever.
Its timing always variable. But the results;one of two.
One. Your knees buckle and you tuck your tail and land on your butt. SCARED to death. Refusing to grab the air offered.
You jump for cotton-pickin‘ all you are worth and take the double bounce. The chance to learn and grow and experience the lessons God is offering you in the air.
The landing is sometimes painful. Never safe. The landing place totally unpredictable.
But oh’ the air.

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