Back on the bandwagon…. again. 🙂

You can only imagine the fun we cooked up in December.

True to form, I missed/forgot about starting the Jesse Tree (Advent) stuff and refused to scramble and add one more thing…..MARK MY WORDS-I will be remembering next year.
SO-We cooked up a bunch of family nights and books that celebrated the birth of our Savior and brought new memories and traditions into our home.

The first was sugar cookie making.
Mike started the dough with the kids on one night. It took Brendan and Gabi a little while to understand why they couldn’t stick their hand in the KitchenAide, but fortunately, they obeyed and no one lost a finger.
The dough chilled and we decided to postpone the rolling and cutting for a day.
The next night we started with three clean kids and a clean kitchen!
We ended with three dozen or so cookies and three floured children.
Gabi looked positively caucasian she had so much flour on her.

Don’t ask why every cupboard is open…..I don’t want to talk about my cooking skills.

We baked up a storm of cookies and treats this year and shared them with friends, family, B’s school buddies….
and we talked about the gifts we’d give to Jesus if we could.
Gabi said she’d give Jesus her heart….BELIEVE me, I can’t wait to further that conversation. But right after she said it she skipped off and would have nothing to do with me.
Typical. 🙂
In short time, Lord, draw Gabi to a full understanding of her need for you.

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