I don’t know what got into us.

About mid December, Mike and I were talking through some speed bumps we were having in our financial road (read a few huge things had popped up). It was really a great conversation about paring down to the basics and was honestly a precursor to the major surgeries going on around here recently.
Anyhow, we began talking about ways we could begin to save major money. And one thing led to another and we stumbled on Brendan’s school tuition. I said, a little tongue in cheek, “Well, I guess I could always homeschool Bubbs, next year.” And Mike, not missing a beat, “Yea, you could.”
I’d pay good money to rewind the tape of my life back to the TENS of times I have said, “I will NEVER, COULD NEVER home school.”
I’m not one of *those* girls. I enjoy teaching and reading. I enjoy my children, but have somehow been ticking minutes till I could have free time back in my day. School=healthy/educational babysitting.
Then, I took Brendan to full day, three days a week kindergarten this year. AND cried almost every day for a month after I dropped him off. So much so, that Brendan would come home from school and ask me if I cried that day. TALK ABOUT ROLE REVERSAL.
This is taking forever….
To make a long story short, that conversation led me to start asking questions about homeschooling to somehow prove to the both of us how this wasn’t really a good idea. I interviewed and drilled 5 dear friends and read everything they put into my hands. Researched curriculum options and have prayed endlessly. I’d say, “I don’t think I can do this…” and Mike would assure me he believed we should consider it. I’d say, “I can’t wait!” and Mike would say, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.” But praise the Lord our hearts are finally united and peace is coming in waves.
We have the perfect scenario for homeschooling. We have a farm family. Land. Resources. Close friend. A tiny-itty bitty library. And hearts that are convinced this is what God has called us to for this season, for that camo dressed boy.
When the sheet came home in Brendan’s folder yesterday for pre-enrollment for next year, we took a huge breath and checked the “NO.” box. Brendan is coming home.

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