One of the reasons my HUSBAND ROCKS is because he is a man who believes in the power of prayer.
Prayer is one of the most incredible resources we have as a couple. Joint access to the creator and lover of our souls, has only fanned our marriage into a flame. Mike asked me, over 4 years ago now, to pray with him every night before we went to bed. Save about 20 nights total, we have approached our Lord’s throne with our praises, our requests, our hurts, and yes, even some of our fights. It is an incredible blessing to know that Mike and I may scrap, but at the end of the day, we will hold hands and ask the Lord for his forgiveness and blessing. What an incredible man I have.
This is a picture of Mike praying over Bubbs last summer on his birthday. Five years old and still wrapped up in his Daddy’s arms and brought before our Lord. Every child. Every Birthday. And can I just tell you there is just something about a grown man humbling himself and asking the Lord’s help in raising a boy to become a man of deep faith and commitment, that makes you love him even more.
JUST another reason why MIKE ROCKS.

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