No. Not really. I was dancing in fluorescent lights, actually. LexieBeth spiked a fever last night of 104 degrees, and she was doped up on IBP so we decided we should probably take her in. Normally, in Colorado, you’d just zip down to the local Emergi-care, but here in the sticks, you have to zip to the local ER.

They took her temperature and ran an RSV test, as that was their first hunch. She endured a chest xray, pokes and prods, and you know when you have a fever that high even your eyelashes hurt. So, we danced in our room and I got to love on my “not normally cuddly” baby girl. The xrays showed some inflammation in her chest but no pneumonia and the RSV test came back clear. Praise the Lord. They gave her a shot of Rosephin and we were able to head home. She’s been pretty punky most of the day, but tonight, while I was at youth group, Mike and the kids watched a dozen deer frolic on the hill by our house. It was Annie Oakley, no, Lexie Beth who grabbed the toy gun (from the snoopy golf bag that Brendan calls his “case”) and shot at the deer.
Whose child is that? What in the world? The irony of it all. 🙂

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