Its raining here today, and the deluge could not feel more appropriate. While the earth receives what the Father has decided it needs, our hearts are heavy and our cheeks are continually wet.

Last Saturday we lost a dear friend and mentor, Dr. Dan Hasty.
I’ve never written a tribute and I’m certain I’m not even in the top 100 people experiencing grief because of Doc’s home going. But it would be an injustice to not build a memorial, if nowhere but here and in my heart, to a man who has deeply touched 4 out of 5 of my family members.
Doc entered paradise on Saturday morning and as sure as the rain falls today, our friend hugged our Lord Jesus immediately. Doc taught many adult classes, but shortly after Mike and I moved here, we joined the Spiritual Gifts class that Doc was so famous for. We spent over ten weeks learning and absorbing all Doc taught us about the importance of the gifting of the Holy Spirit, the unity and strength of the body of Christ working together, and evaluating and processing through our spiritual gifts.
(Both Mike and I are Pastor/Shepard first, depart for our secondary gifts, and then scored together with teaching as our third. I remember Doc laughing with us about the irony of having a husband and wife with the same spiritual gift. I can’t thank the Lord enough for the opportunity to have studied under Doc. I will thank him again when I see him because putting my finger on something I’d wrestled with has opened such incredible doors in my life and my heart.)

Dr. Hasty also spend a gazillion years leading our Cubbies program. Bless his heart, some days he must have come straight from his dental practice to our kids. Never one to miss a teachable moment, Doc has taught literally 1oo’s of kids about the word of God. But my gratefulness will stem especially from his love, care and teaching of Brendan and Gabriella. Doc praised Brendan’s enthusiasm for God’s word and triggered great home conversations. Bubbs was forever asking, “When I sing ‘Peter, James and John in a sailboat’, Dr. Hasty asks if Jesus got sand in the nail marks in his hands. What do you think, Mom?” and other great ponderings.
As a matter of fact, one of my favorite memories with Doc was when I took Bubbs to his dental office for his preschool dental check up. Brendan (literally) flipped his lid. Wouldn’t sit in the chair; wouldn’t let Doc anywhere near him. Threats were to no avail—adoration had ended and he was just not sitting in Doc’s chair. So, that weekend in the hall of church Doc told Brendan to open his mouth and Brendan let him peek around in his mouth and told me to just bring my paper by the office. Bubbs’ teeth looked great. 🙂 What a guy.

And Gabi. Well, let’s just say that Doc set her in his lap and helped her obey on more than a couple occasions, or so I’ve been told. He was always teaching and was ALWAYS adored.
I’ve had 4 or 5 recent conversations with Doc that have blessed my heart. Words of affirmation and encouragement…and somehow, when they came from him, they just held more weight.
And now, what’s left to say except that my heart is broken for my sweet friends who lost a husband and father. Our prayers for them are endless these days. Never far from our minds.
But heaven gained a true Christ follower. I take much comfort in knowing that this great teacher has finally met THE GREAT TEACHER and has never been more joyful, I”m sure. Jesus wrapped up in his saving arms one of his beloved, and how much sweeter the reunion will be for me when the Lord calls me home to see Doc there as well.

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