Okay, so here’s the problem. This little pumpkin (who is not Lexie Beth, just looks like her) is SIX today. SIX, PEOPLE! My precious, adorable, Bubbsy is SIX years old.

The thing is that I gave birth to him, yesterday. I’m sure of it. This tiny 6lb. 6oz., little smidge who took a whopping 18 hours to deliver, and was terribly jaundice, couldn’t possibly be riding bikes and swimming now.
Or, think again.

Training wheels are off folks and just last night Brendan was zooming down the hills in the back yard at absolute full tilt, smiling all the way. He had not an ounce of fear in the process.
While my heart can’t seem to recover from the shock, I am grateful to the Lord for every minute with Brendan. Mike and I are better Christ followers because we’ve been allowed to parent, know, and love this boy, our son.
Brendan, today you are six. You love Jesus with your whole heart and are not afraid to tell others about him. You are suprisingly articulate and unbelievably smart. You are dearly loved by all of your grandparents and the best friend Gabriella could ever have. You fight for her and take care of her and Lexie. I’m so proud. You love toast with peanut butter AND jelly and sometimes pound out three whole slices in the morning! You crack up at Tom and Jerry, and enjoy country music. You love history and learning about countries, presidents, and flags. Your favorite person in the world is your Dad, although you have a tender spot for your Mama, too. Thank you for loving me, Brendan. Thank you for being obedient. I pray that you will love Jesus EVERY single day for the rest of your life. I pray you continue to develop a fervor for God’s word that will not be taken from you. Grow humbly. Every. Day.
I treasure you,

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