Well, suffice it to say, it has been a busy 6 months. Starting off (again), Christmas was incredible this year. We spent Thanksgiving with my Dad and stepmom in Texas and enjoyed seeing my little sister and her family for the first time in over a year. It was a wonderful time and the only draw back to all the travel was a pregnant me riding in the car with a terrible cold. All the kids traveled like the little pros they are and we headed home after ten days of relaxation.

Brendan threw up in the hotel about ten hours from home, and the story of the sickness begins. We thought Brendan was a little under the weather as he slept and ate very little on the trip home. Actually, that was the beginning of 8 days of fever, chills, cough, and then a full blown resperatory saga. Seasonal flu-meet the family. One by one we dropped like flies. Suffering for approximately 8 days of full blown on the couch recovery. No eating out, no church activities, and no school for Gabi. Brendan was less than thrilled that he was continuing schooling most of that time. 🙂 The joy of homeschooling.

We filled that time with Advent activities. Enjoying quiet evenings at home, reading our Bible to follow some of the Advent readings from Countdown to Christmas. The highlights of their days were coloring these ornaments and, well, bath time.

Staying at home forced me to slow down and be a little more intentional about our time. Mike and I purposed that the kids would understand Christmas this year. I think, all in all, Mike and I probably benefited the most from this snow and sick bound time. We savored our Lord’s coming to earth, spent time on the details of our promised Messiah and revelled with our kids in God’s foresight.

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