We have experienced the transforming nature of Prayer. Many of us have experienced times when we have entered prayer discouraged, heavy laden and even afraid and rise up after amen with a new state of mind. Prayer transforms us. It moves us from a state of fixation on problems that overwhelm us and redirects our gaze on our good Father and the way that He is working right now. Although my circumstances have not changed, my perspective on my circumstances has.

Recently, I was driving to a speaking engagement with a close friend with a heart that was in desperate need of transformation. The morning had been full of running around, trying to get breakfast into kids (yes, I know we are out of eggs and your favorite cereal-I’m sorry), trying to find parts of uniforms, lost shoes, and packing for my weekend away. I was trying to be present with them, encouraging and fun, but when we arrived at a basketball game and realized it was team picture day for my daughter, Lexie’s team, and she was wearing the wrong jersey, I was more than frustrated, I was furious. Not furious at her, or her coach, or my family, but furious at myself.

Why couldn’t I get my act together? Not to mention that my failure to get her ready and double check everything would be captured for all time in her team picture. I thought about thee other moms who might consider me to be a mess because I failed to remember something important to my daughter. Then, we would have to revisit the whole thing again when she graduates from High School and pictures from major events are chosen for her open house. Yes, I am that dramatic. Mind spins usually are full of melodrama!

Back to me and my friend driving toward the camp where I’m going to be speaking.

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