This is not my first time blogging. As a matter of fact, I blogged through one of the most intense journeys of my life and in hindsight I see how God used that blog to minister not just to my heart but to the hearts of my family and friends. Now, there is nothing earth moving happening in my world (well, the addition of a new baby is certainly earth moving but…..nothing that requires attorneys, travel agents, bank managers, and adoption approval). I’m just doing life, here, in pretty rural Michigan. And trying my very best to be a light to the world around me.

Bubbs says it is TIME to read books and I will be obliging happily. I love library books. Before I go, I want to tell you that the Holy Spirit is pressing many lessons on my heart right and I sense His presence in such a new keen way. I pray that today, you spend the day going for it with me-actively siezing the abundant life God desires for us in Jesus.

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