Thursday’s garage sale-ing was wonderfully productive. I bought a BRAND new snowmobiling jacket for Brendan for $10. It is yellow, black and silver (in a great combination-cause that doesn’t really sound that great) and is name brand. I think it would retail around $100 for a 5T. He also scored several mint shirts for next year and I walked away knowing I’d done well. I have jackets for both of the kids for this year AND next now and I am so pleased I won’t have to scramble with the new baby princess in tow in case winter decends early.

I skipped junk hunting as my girlfriend, Sarah, so lovingly coined it, on Friday, and on Saturday we were gifted a motorized kids 4 wheeler. They told us it only needs two twelve volt batteries and will be up and running. We shall see, those batteries are awfully expensive.

But the personal luxury of the weekend was my score at the Pharmacy in town. Every summer they clearance their unsold inventory from last season. I picked up 40 BRAND NEW greeting cards for all occasions for $2.12. SCORE. Last year I didn’t buy one extra card. My stash covered all of my needs.

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