Brendan is in swimming lessons this week and next and has been receiving my daily pep talks before class. Listen and watch Mrs. So and So, stay sitting on the steps and pay attention. You can trust her when she says she’ll hold you while you float, go ahead and jump!!! Put your face in the water a little further…..

He’s so sweet and every time he comes out of the water he asks if I saw him. Grinning from ear to eat. And it makes me wonder…….

How many times has God asked me to just rest my head on HIS shoulder and let him carry my weight as we float through life? Instead of just keeping my eyes fixed on Him and letting Him guide me through, I sink my butt down and flail my arms trying to save myself. My effort only leads to more distress and if I happen to make it through on my own without breaking down and pleading for his intervention, I inevitably barely make it to the steps and miss out on the journey He wanted to carry me through. JUST TRUST ME. I WILL UPHOLD YOU WITH MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND. I AM THE WAY.

I love that boy so much. I would never knowingly put him in danger, as a matter of fact, these lessons are to equip him with a skill he will need. How much more does God want to teach me?

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